Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The 12 Days of Bean- Month 6

Between Sept and Oct of 2010, Mia turned six months, and we were planning on moving to a bigger apartment, which is no easy task especially with a little one. But Mia needed her own room, with a crib in it.
At this point she was really trying to sit up on her own
And one night as we were going to look at furniture at Bob's we got our first really long hysterical kid giggle, she did this every time we went to Bob's I do not know what it that store she thought was so funny, But it cracked her up.
Mia had her second round of shots, which again she did great, I was a complete wuss ball. We slowly moved in our new place, which has a lot more room to play

Some new furniture

And even a crib for Mia
Mia also began really teething at that time, she handled it pretty well, didn't really have alot of screaming...she was really so kind to us.

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