Friday, July 4, 2014

I am quitting sugar

I am reviewing the book "I Quit Sugar" - The first thing I noticed is how interesting the layout is. If you don't want to read the book cover to cover, there are interesting bits in the margins to read,and very easy to flip thru.
I like that the author does not go "cold turkey" with a detox program in the first week, that she starts you off slow, and you do not completely give up sugar till week three.
I really like that she isn't preachy in the book, she understands that sugar is in almost everything we eat, and extremely hard to give up. I enjoyed reading the suggestion she gave when you are having a hard time with cravings, and getting discouraged
One thing about the layout that I would change, it part of the "getting started" section is in the back, where the other talks about equipment and things used to create the recipes, I would have put this before starting the Week 1 section. Trying to flip back and forth was also a bit distracting. Putting the recipes on the page that is suggesting to use them, might be a bit easier, but I do understand what she was trying to put with putting them all in one section.
The recipes look delicious and very easy to put together.

I will be getting started on this program in the next week and I am interested to see the outcome