Thursday, May 12, 2011

The 12 Days of Bean- Month 7

Month 7 was a fun month as we got into October, with cooler weather we were able to take walks and get ready for one of my favorite holidays HALLOWEEN!, We found a parrot costume for Mia since she would sit on Craig's shoulder, we called her Pieces of Bean.

This was also the time we started Mia on solid food for the first time, Rice was very funny to watch her try something new for the first time

Since then she had seemed to be like her parents and like eating..alot..
We were also trying to get her to sleep in her crib, which was a bit hard since we had moved into a new apartment with new sounds and smells. So sometimes she would con us to be with us in our bed, she was cute and hard to resist

Halloween came and we went trick or treating for the first time as a family

In November I was studying for my massage exam test, so Mia got to play alot with her Aunties, who were great, as it started to get colder there were lots of naps being taken at our house, Murple joined in of course
Mia's first Thanksgiving was in Maine, and once I find some pictures I will post them.

By the middle of Dec, just when Mia turned 7  months old, she started really getting her move on
and crawling...oh boy

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