Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The 12 Days of Bean- Month 5

In her 5th Month Mia and Murple started to really hang out. What I mean to say is Murple started to really take an interest in Mia. They are pretty cute together, Murple used to like to in anything that was enclosed which is pretty much all baby stuff...and it was fuzzy so Murple totally scored there. I will write more about The Murple Kitty is posts to come.

It was around this time when Mia would start doing little baby giggles, not a ton, but I could get her to laugh if I tickled her under her chin, or if I got very close to her face. She was also sitting up more and holding her head up very strong, she always wanted to go go go..

She also really liked her toes..and her thumb.
She had started really sleeping through the night, and one her favorite things was the swing.

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