Saturday, May 7, 2011

The 12 Days of Bean- Month 2

Between June and July found us at a beach house for a little vacation, she was starting to try to smile
well trying to smile when she didn't have THE PLUG in her mouth
Or when she wasn't doing the super serious grumpy face that she did pretty much all the time.
A little blurry but you get the idea. We figured out that she looked like a cross between a Fraggle and a house elf. She still wasn't sleeping through the night or even AT night for that matter. But she was super sweet so we forgave her. She was staying up during the day more,but still thinking it was party time at 3am.She was up to 9 pounds and 22 inches long, the her drs. loved her cause she was so easy when we get to appointments.
We also did our first long car trip to Craig's family in Maine, it was a bit difficult but she slept most of the way.
There Mia was once again snuggled by all

And starting to smile a bit more
even if it was only in her sleep.
Towards the end of the month there was lots of cooing, especially at the Dada who is pretty much the moon and the stars as far as Mia is concerned. She used to do this funny thing with her arms, she would stick them straight out and wiggle them. It was the cutest thing and I really miss her doing it sometimes.

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