Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Month of May and Mia- The Birthday Party

May had a lot going on, it is the month of birthdays in my family. My nephew Errol starts us off on May 2, My Father is May 5, Mia is May 18 and I am May 24...So we pretty much celebrate the entire month of May.

On May 7, We had Mia's First Birthday Party..it was at Flamig Farm and Fun was had by all, also a ton of presents that I am STILL sorting though..
The farms claim to fame at the time was the birth of their piglets

There was a super awesome tractor ride...on hay, which I didn't think we would be sitting on.
But she didn't seem to mind

And of course there was the cake
and the singing

and Mia eating her first ever, loaded with sugar desert!

The farm had a wonderful petting zoo, where Mia and her guest could roam and feed the animals.

We had amazing weather, the rain held off till after that party, and I had one wired Bean on my hands for a while, but she crashed after a day filled with animals, cake, friends and love.

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