Monday, May 23, 2011

A little spring cleaning

After all the clothes and toys Mia had gotten for her birthday, we really need to organize..everything.
We got together all her old clothes that she no longer fit into..and put them away ..sniff..sniff..
I didn't get rid of them, just in case we have another kid,and it is a girl....

We put away all her clothes and really cleaned up her looked alot better..

Then we working on the dining room which is also her play area, she had gotten a kitchen set from Magic Cabin..awesome store,and we all were stepping all over her it was time to make a change..

The before

We got a shelf for her stuff and organized her toys, again it looked alot better

Mia really liked the new set up now she could tell what was hers and what she could destroy, she is loving the new kitchen set, especially the shiny bowl that is a sink.

The kid has some awesome stuff, I actually want to play with the kitchen set myself!

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