Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Summer Cold

I felt like writing today. I am trying to update a bit more, and usually this blog has cute little pictures of my children doing fun things, or my cat obsession being observe and documented for when my husband when he needs power of attorney over me for when I become a crazy cat horder.

But today, I feel different, today I would like to talk about the picture you see below, the picture that is so offensive because it should not be showing up in the middle of august.

Yup, that is a box of snotty tissue..due to my SUMMER cold..

Tissue Mountain
Summer Cold, that oxymoron, because everyone knows that colds should happen in the dead of winter, with 50 inches of snow on the ground, at 15 degrees below zero, and you can't remember that last time you saw a blade of grass or anything green for that matter. In fact the only green think that you see is what is going in the tissue.
(excuse my language but really THAT is how offended I am right now).

Colds should not be happening on a beautiful late summer day, with prefect temperature, low humidity, blue skies, birds chirping and all wonderful things, that you cannot enjoy because your eyes are swollen shut, and your head feels so big, that is might pop at any moment.

I am forever grateful that my mother in law lives close, and likes me enough to take my children out for the day so I can recover. I have gone threw an entire box of puffs (Thank God for Puffs)..my nose as taken on a Rudolf like glow to it. I have been wrapped in a blanket watching really bad tv..(Real Housewives is my guilty pleasure). 

While every once in a while, texting my husband to please if he loves me..put me out of my misery. He won't do it cause he doesn't want to clean up the mess..he sucks..

Now I supposed there could be a life lesson in here, telling me that I am burning the candle at both ends, and I need to stop and smell the roses more (which I would if I could BREATH thru my nose).

But really there is only 2 reasons for a summer cold.

1. Mother Nature hates me.
2. One of my children had it and gave it to me, cause that is how much they love me.

The only thing that is soothing my leaky nose at the moment..besides Puffs, is that fact that fall is approaching, and Starbucks is releasing Pumpkin Spice Lattes early this year.

Then it can be winter and I can have a cold then..in the proper season.

Now  you will have to excuse me, I am going to go blow my nose for the 56950597049578 time today, while Mother Nature laughs at me..she sucks too..

Have a wonderful day..

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