Friday, April 25, 2014

Shaving cream art!

I decided that since Margo was napping, that Mia and I would do some art making, this is called Marbling Paper with Shaving Cream..the direction are here Shaving Cream Paper

The supplies, shaving cream, sticks, and water colors..a little goes a LONG way!
Mia really liked stirring and always wanted more color
After purple and red..came blue and green, leaving more white in the shaving cream was better then trying to color the whole thing.
Putting the paper in a squishing it down.
Letting the paper dry a bit, I wiped it off with paper towels but I might use rags and rinse them next time I used a lot of paper was a bit messy.
Finished product, purple and red
Blue and green waiting to dry.
Blue and green finished product!
Do not touch these water colors directly, they stain, the only thing I do not like about them, use droppers to drop the color, I am not sure it comes out of clothes be careful!

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