Monday, March 24, 2014

Maple Syrup Sunday

This past weekend is known in Maine as Maple Syrup Sunday. We decided to go back to Coopers farm, where last year we went for a pancake breakfast.

Below Margo is all comfy in her carrier with Craig.

Coopers Farm in Windham
The farm has tiny horses (I forget what they are called, but you can ride them in the summer)

Mia watching the ponies

We walked around the farm to see how they tap the tree that go to the sugar house
Craig shows Mia the new tap lines
And they taste the sap from the older buckets that still use on some of the trees

The farm also had some fun animals that we said hi too
This beautiful peacock
and gazing cows
We couldn't leave with getting some fresh Maple Syrup, this bottle was still warm, when we bought it.

It was so nice, after this super long winter to get out in some fresh air and sunshine!

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