Friday, August 2, 2013

A year in reverse, Part 1

A lot has gone on, and I have neglected this blog a little, so I have decided to tell a tale a bit in reverse.
August celebrates a bit of an anniversary..well and actual one as Craig and I have been married now for 5 years..but the other one, is has now been a year since we made a big leap and moved to Maine.

This post is a all about the house that little by little we are working on making into a home.

We moved to Windham, on a 1.8 acre lot, that hopefully one day will have chickens, for now we settle for a swing set.
This is the front, I do not have a great pic of the back yet.

The house was a foreclosure and need a bit..ok a LOT of TLC, we repainted just about every thing that was standing still, most of the walls were a various shade of awful brown..the rest of the pics of us moving

The Kitchen

The pantry..which I love having

Our bedroom

Dining and Living Room

And Mia's room..

I will take some pictures of what it looks like now, a bit more lived in but not really decorated..oh and there is one more bedroom
This room now belongs to a big surprise..Her name is Margo.

and Just to give you a hint of what our first winter here was like, this was taken out the front window.

It has been a whirlwind which I why I decided to update this in parts.Part 2 is coming soon...

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