Sunday, May 20, 2012

Some spring cleaning

Today with the help of some very good friends, we had a cleaning party, we made some pulled pork, got some side, provide some beverages, and went to town, for some much needed, dusting, vacuuming, organizing  and storing..and here are the results

I love that it isn't perfect, but it is much more manageable, and I don't feel like hiding under the covers, when I got to straighten up

The before is pretty ugly, so I just show some of the after..I can not tell you how much of a relief it was so get so much done.

This is the "yellow room" which really ends up being the catchall room, and usually ends up being the messiest room in the house

Part of the living room


The Hutch

Part of Mia's play area

More Pantry

Mia's room

This used to  store  a ton of DVDs, I bought a case for most of them, and now I can use the space for books that I want to read downstairs, and not hide them under my coffee table which has shelves, where I forget about them half the time.

The other part of Mia's play area

Mia enjoying a chocolate donut after all her hard work, it was a great day to take a walk as well