Monday, September 26, 2011

Mia and Murple's Vet Adventure

It was that time of year, for The Murple Kitty's annual visit, and shot update..she was less then thrilled. The last time Mia did go with us, but she was super tiny and I was way too overwhelmed to take pictures, this time, however I was able to get some shots..of Murple..getting her shots..ha..anyway..

Murple kitty looking less then please to be there, this look says " I will be ignoring you till later when you must feed me..stupid human..

Mia being supportive, or trying to help her with her escape route..not really sure..

Mia checking out the large dog scale, and yes she is smaller then most large dogs.

Mia comforting the Murple Kitty..Murple couldn't care less as long as we got her out of there.

 You dodge right, I'll left, you hold the door open cause you have the thumbs..ready BREAK!

 I am NOT fat, my human's just give me too many treats! ok ok, I did indulge in baby formula, but I can stop any time I swear!

 Could you warm that up it is Cold geez lady!

 I just want you to know, that I am only tolerating this, cause I am a good kitty, but I will meow pitifully and that will get me more treats.

Murple made it out just fine, shots and all, The Vet said she is perfect and super sweet, despite the pitiful meowing..
It was a pretty full day so naps were in order...for all..

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